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Mrs. Barclay's 3/4 Class at Killara Primary School

Nicholas’ Blog

*Guest Post by Nicholas*

In art classes we are working with clay. We made pinch pots mine was in the shape of a dinosaur. We needed to leave then to dry for one week in the kilm.

In music classes we are making a film. We have actors, scripts editors, camera crew and about a man who shrunk flew himself away. We will be working on this all term and hope to perform it to an audience.  For ICT we are tracing maps of Australia. I’m enjoying these classes as I get to learn more while working with others.

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Forensic Science  

*Guest Post by Hannah*

The Forensic Science incursion was my favorite incursion yet. Why can’t we do more incursions about science?  Here are some things that we could do: chemistry, astronomy and oceanology. I hope our school can do more like it. Some people might want to do some others like me to!

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*Guest Post by Rourke*

I love my school, because when I went to Killara Primary School for my first day at school, a lot of people greeted me. After a while I had about 9 friends. One of them was Aiden he was a really good friend until he left the school.

I have spent 5 years in this school and each of those years have been all great. I only have 2 more years at this awesome school. I have never been to a better school because Killara is the best school ever.



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*Guest Post by Lee*

On Thursday night the 18th June, I attended the “Connecting Hume PC Awards” Presentation Evening with my family and Mrs. Barclay.

I was nominated as a student who demonstrates a love of learning, has a record of progress in all areas of the school curriculum, and would benefit from having a laptop and access to the internet to share with my family.

I was really excited because I got a free computer and internet for a year. I was really excited about that and my family was too. I am going to use the computer to complete my school work and I will share it with my family.


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Casual Clothes Day

*Guest Post by Will*

We should have more casual clothes days because Killara can raise more money so we can buy more equipment, or raise more money to help awareness’s. It would be fun for the children but also it would be for a good cause. It would be nice to have it at least twice a year. Some awareness’s include beyond blue and the cancer foundation.

Firstly, I believe that we should wear blue clothes for the awareness group called beyond blue. The beyond blue supports depression and anxiety. We should raise money for beyond blue because depression is not a good thing to have.

Secondly, it gives children a whole day without wearing the school uniform and it also lest children choose want what they want to wear.

That’s what I think!

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Jack’s Dancing Blog

*Guest Post by Jack*

I think we should have a class dance because I like dancing. It’s also good exercise  for your body and you can compete with other people , but I just like to do it for fun. I do it for my auntie, I don’t know why but I think when she was a kid she liked to dance too .

I danced at my Mum and Dad’s wedding. I like dancing to hip hop as well.

When I was 5, that was the first time I did good dancing.

I started dancing when I was 2 .I didn’t get embarrassed at all.

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*Guest Post by Lachlan*


This week in ICT – (information and communications tecnology) we have done a maths test on everything we have learnt so far this year.


We have also been introduced to Study Ladder and Powder Toy.  Study Ladder is a program for learning maths and English. You play games to earn points to buy things for our aviator room.  Powder Toy is a science game where you can make things explode – it is epic!


My favourite program is powder toy because I love science and seeing how different things react to each other.


You should give these games a try.

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Mystery Skype in our Classrooms!

Today in our Staff Meeting, The Staff participated in a Mystery Skype! This is something that we will be trying out in our Classrooms this year. The aim of Mystery Skype is to work as a team to try to guess which school the people we are skyping, are from. Each staff member/student is given a specific role. These roles are:

-Google Mappers


-Question Writers



-Note Takers

Working together, we asked the staff from the other school questions that might give us clues as to where they are from. Similar to Celebrity Heads, each school takes turns in asking yes/no questions. With each “Yes” answered question, your school gets another chance to ask a question. With a “No” answered question, the turn moves to the other school. Eventually we worked out that the other school was Trinity Lutheran College in Mildura!

Mystery Skype is a great way to practise our 21st century learning skills; communication, creativity, critical thinking and collaboration.

Would you like to participate in Mystery Skype in your classroom?

What types of questions could you ask to work out where the school might be?


Looking forward to Mystery Skyping in our classroom with you soon!

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*Guest Post by Cameron W*

My favourite thing to do at school is P.E because of the activities like thunder ball. I also think we should have a class pet. I think an appropriate animal to have is a blue tongue lizard because they’re easy to take care of. We had one 2 years ago . And fun to look at. If we get one, I hope you like it.

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More pets at Killara

*Guest Post by Bailey*

 I think there should be some pets at Killara such as:

Prep- venus flytrap or a fish

1/2-  frog or a rabbit

3/4-  lizard or a guinea pig

5/6-  puffer fish or a cat

That’s what pets I think should be at Killara.


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