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Mrs. Barclay's 3/4 Class at Killara Primary School


on August 27, 2015

*Guest Post by Aliya*

Our learning:

In inquiry we are learning about continents of the world and Australia’s states territories and the special land marks. There are seven continents in the world. They are Africa, Australia, Europe, Antarctica, Asia, South America and North America.

Australia is divided in to seven states Western Australia, South Australia, northern territory, Queensland, New South Wales, Tasmania and Victoria.

  1. Western Australia is the biggest state its population is 2.589 million .its capital is Perth.
  2. Queensland is the second biggest state its population is 4.691million its capital is Brisbane.
  3. Northern territory it’s the third biggest state its population is 243,700 thousand its capital is Darwin.
  4. South Australia is the fourth biggest state its population is 1.677its capital is Adelaide.
  5. New South Wales is the fifth biggest state its population is 7.544 million its capital is Sydney.
  6. Victoria is the sixth biggest state its population is 5.791 million its capital is Melbourne.
  7. Tasmania is the smallest state its population is 515,000 thousand. I like learning about continents do you.

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