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Mrs. Barclay's 3/4 Class at Killara Primary School

Allambie Camp

on August 7, 2015

*Guest Post by Shaila*

This year our year 3/4 classes will be attending a school camp at Allambie Camp. There will be two groups. Group one (1) and group two (2). Groups one (1) and two (2) will both be attending at different times. Group one (1) will be attending camp at 8:30am on Monday August 31st and they will be returning at 3:30pm on Wednesday September 2nd and group two (2) will be attending at 8:30am on Wednesday September 2nd and will be returning at 3:30pm on Friday September 4th.

We will be travelling on the bus for at least two and a half (2.5) hours. At Allambie Camp there will be LOTS of amazing activities like:
– The Giant Swing
– Billy Carts
– Flying Fox
– Low Ropes Course
– Archery
– Vertical challenge

What I’m most looking forward to is Archery and maybe the Billy Carts.

At camp students will be sleeping in lodges with 4-5 students in each. The cost of the camp is $225.00 each.

All students will need to bring at least 4 changes of clothing that is appropriate and a special set if they are doing Red Faces. Students will also need to bring a torch. Students will also need to bring a plastic drink bottle and no food is allowed in the lodges.

At camp some of the students will be performing some dances and songs at Red Faces. The Red Faces will be judged by the attending parents.

There will be two (2) lodges and in each the boys and girls will be separated.

What are you looking forward to the most at camp Allambie?


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