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Mrs. Barclay's 3/4 Class at Killara Primary School


*Guest Post by Perry*

On the 29th of July 3/4 f, 3/4 c and 3/4 a went into Miss Fraser’s room. We were here to learn about mystery Skype and how to run one. We got taught what jobs are used to set up a mystery Skype. Here a some of the jobs.

  • Google Mapper
  • Questioner
  • Filterer
  • Runner
  • Tweeter


We also got taught that there is more than one speaker, and they take turns asking questions.


We haven’t started mystery Skype but we will soon!

I can’t wait.


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Family Science Night!

Killara’s Family Science Night is approaching us very quickly. On Wednesday 19th August we invite everyone to a fun night of “Making Waves – The Science of Light”. In order to make this night a huge success we ask for your participation in donating a range of resources. We request that these items are thoroughly cleaned and in good condition:

Empty cans, plastic bottles, clear plastic and foam cups, plastic straws, icy-pole sticks, toothpicks, cling wrap cylinders, small and large paper plates, zip-locked bags, googly eyes, pom poms, balloons, fishing line and rubber bands.

Thank you all for your help.

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Our Learning

*Guest Post by Ethan*

In maths we are learning about multiplication. For example 4×5 is 20 3×0 is 0 it is simple. Mrs Barclay has told us a lot about it. It is my favourite maths subject. I think at first it is hard but when you get the hang of it, it is easy.

In inquiry we are learning about geography. Geography is like looking around the world and seeing different things. Yesterday we went on google earth. It was good fun.



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Allambee Camp

*Guest Post by Caitlyn*

On Wednesday 2nd of September, the year ¾ students have the opportunity to attend camp. I am very excited to go, because we get to go on the billy carts, giant swing, flying fox, archery and loads more. Camp is a 3 day; 2 night camp. We get to sleep in lodges. I loved last year’s, so I am so excited about this years. We get to do Red Faces, which is where you do a performance in front of judges, (which are parents) and a few kids as well. I’m excited about camp, what about you too?

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Nicholas’ Blog

*Guest Post by Nicholas*

In art classes we are working with clay. We made pinch pots mine was in the shape of a dinosaur. We needed to leave then to dry for one week in the kilm.

In music classes we are making a film. We have actors, scripts editors, camera crew and about a man who shrunk flew himself away. We will be working on this all term and hope to perform it to an audience.  For ICT we are tracing maps of Australia. I’m enjoying these classes as I get to learn more while working with others.

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