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Mrs. Barclay's 3/4 Class at Killara Primary School

More pets at Killara

on May 19, 2015

*Guest Post by Bailey*

 I think there should be some pets at Killara such as:

Prep- venus flytrap or a fish

1/2-  frog or a rabbit

3/4-  lizard or a guinea pig

5/6-  puffer fish or a cat

That’s what pets I think should be at Killara.

2 Responses to “More pets at Killara”

  1. connor says:

    Hi Bailey
    I recon that we should have animals such as
    Prep- fish or bird
    1/2- rabbit or guinea pigs
    3/4- lizard or mouse
    5/6-snake or frog
    what animals do you think we should have at Killara?

  2. Ben says:

    Hey I think we should have cute pets too for 3/4 and 5/6 I think good work on your blog.:)

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