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Mrs. Barclay's 3/4 Class at Killara Primary School

*Guest Post by Lachlan*


This week in ICT – (information and communications tecnology) we have done a maths test on everything we have learnt so far this year.


We have also been introduced to Study Ladder and Powder Toy.  Study Ladder is a program for learning maths and English. You play games to earn points to buy things for our aviator room.  Powder Toy is a science game where you can make things explode – it is epic!


My favourite program is powder toy because I love science and seeing how different things react to each other.


You should give these games a try.

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Mystery Skype in our Classrooms!

Today in our Staff Meeting, The Staff participated in a Mystery Skype! This is something that we will be trying out in our Classrooms this year. The aim of Mystery Skype is to work as a team to try to guess which school the people we are skyping, are from. Each staff member/student is given a specific role. These roles are:

-Google Mappers


-Question Writers



-Note Takers

Working together, we asked the staff from the other school questions that might give us clues as to where they are from. Similar to Celebrity Heads, each school takes turns in asking yes/no questions. With each “Yes” answered question, your school gets another chance to ask a question. With a “No” answered question, the turn moves to the other school. Eventually we worked out that the other school was Trinity Lutheran College in Mildura!

Mystery Skype is a great way to practise our 21st century learning skills; communication, creativity, critical thinking and collaboration.

Would you like to participate in Mystery Skype in your classroom?

What types of questions could you ask to work out where the school might be?


Looking forward to Mystery Skyping in our classroom with you soon!

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*Guest Post by Cameron W*

My favourite thing to do at school is P.E because of the activities like thunder ball. I also think we should have a class pet. I think an appropriate animal to have is a blue tongue lizard because they’re easy to take care of. We had one 2 years ago . And fun to look at. If we get one, I hope you like it.

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More pets at Killara

*Guest Post by Bailey*

 I think there should be some pets at Killara such as:

Prep- venus flytrap or a fish

1/2-  frog or a rabbit

3/4-  lizard or a guinea pig

5/6-  puffer fish or a cat

That’s what pets I think should be at Killara.


Good Luck Grade 3s!

To my dear Grade 3 Students,

Tomorrow you will sit your first NAPLAN test. Before you take this test, there is something very important that I would like you to know…

This test does not assess all of what makes each of you exceptional or unique.

The people who score these tests, don’t know that some of you love to sing, are good at drawing or can teach others how to use a computer program. They have not seen the creations you make with LEGO, the tricks you practise at Gymnastics or how many facts you know about animals! They do not know that your friends count on you to be there for them when they are sad. They do not know that you participate in sports, help your Mum or Dad, or that you play with your little brothers and sisters. They do not know that you are caring and thoughtful, or that you try your best every day at school. They do not know these things, because these attributes cannot be tested.

The scores you get from this test will tell you how you went on one day, but they will not tell you everything. They cannot tell you that you have improved on something you once found difficult. They can’t tell you that you are funny or that you brighten my day! They can’t tell you how amazingly special you are!

So come to school ready to do your best on the NAPLAN test and remember that there is no way to ‘test’ all the wonderful things that make you, YOU!


See you tomorrow,

Mrs. Barclay 🙂


My time at Killara

*Guest Post by Darcy*

My time at Killara has been great from Prep to Year 4. This year I have a lot of information on what we are learning about.  My favourite subjects are maths and writing.  This is probably a good year because I’m not with my good friends and I can concentrate on our school learning task.

Our school is tidy and it’s our job to keep it tidy.  This year I’m class captain,  thank you for whoever voted for me. This year I came 23rd in cross country out of the whole school and I made it into the interschool cross country so I had to run against people from other schools.  I came 30th out of about 90 kids from other schools.

At Killara Primary School,  they found a website called Active April.  So what you had to do is type how many minutes or hours you had of exercise, including school time and we have to get as many hours as we can and Killara will win prizes.  I got 92 hours and 15 minutes,  it was fun.

Killara have made a new website it’s called study ladder its fun and a little bit hard you have to solve problems and you have  your room and you can buy stuff to put in your room.  The end!! Thanks for listening.


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Time at Choir

*Guest Post by Caitlyn*

At Killara Primary School, we hold a choir program. Anyone can join at the start of the year and later in the year. We do practices every Thursday. To join, it’s grade one to grade six. Our music teacher Kelly is a talented lady, who has helped us through the years to sing, dance and use puppetry. We do concerts, our first concert this year was Sunfest. We performed 2 songs, which were Let It Go, and an ABBA medley. For this year, we won Sunfest and we were back to back champions. We did three songs at assembly for ANZAC day, Lest We Forget, Australia Remembers, and The Spirit of The ANZACS. You get a choir top you wear when you perform. I really like being part of the choir. Do you do choir at your school?

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Canteen Menu

*Guest Post by Ayla*

Killara has a good canteen menu. There are different food selections on different days. My favourite day to have a lunch order is on Wednesday’s because there are hot dogs and chicken nuggets to choose from.

I like to eat the hot dim sims in winter because they warm me up on cold days. In summer, there is a frozen, juicy, drippy Icy Twist that cools me down after running around.

I would love to have tacos on the canteen menu, but they are a bit messy to eat. I would like to see a breakfast menu with raisin toast for us to eat. Delicious food. Yummy!!!!

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My time at Killara

* Guest Post by Alannah*

 I have been at Killara for 5 years and I have made lots of friends. I think all the teachers at Killara are very nice and they do as much as they can to help us learn.

I think Killara is a great school because there are lots of fun things to do there! I most enjoy going outside and playing games with the class. My favourite game is kickball because you kick the ball and then you run. I love to run because I get fit and healthy. I have learnt a lot over 5 years and I know how to do lots of things. I keep learning things all the time. I am enjoying my time at Killara so much.

I think everyone who goes to Killara will learn a lot and have lots of fun, you might play games outside or you might play games inside who knows.



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