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Mrs. Barclay's 3/4 Class at Killara Primary School

Forensic Science Incusrion

*Guest Post by Perry*


One the 17/04/15  Forensic science came to school. Before lunch there was lady called Phoebe.

We had to solve a problem about a robbery

There was some stolen things and we had to solve them. We used clues like a magnifying glass, microscope and inkpads. We had to solve what poison went in the mans body.

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The Library

*Guest Post by Zoe*

Our library has got heaps of books to borrow including picture books, chapter books, fact books and even books about history. The library gets heaps of new books and if you want to read magazines you can because they have even got those to. You can sit on comfy cushion and read. It is a great place to relax.

I like reading books in the school library as it’s always quite.

You can search for books on the library computers for the books that you want. I like to search for Tom Gates and Ronald Dahl books and I like going to the non-fiction section and looking at the animal books.

Do you like going to library and reading books to?


My time at Killara!

*Guest Post by Nicholas* 

I love Killara.  It is prep to grade 6. It is a public school so any one can come and be a part of this school. We have got more than 600 people in our school and the teachers are great. I have been going to Killara for 5 years.

I really enjoyed the productions that we have done over the past three years. They are great each class has a song or dance to perform. Last year my class sang 500 miles. The dance for this song was hard work as I needed to be on my knees. I enjoyed the song and working with my class to get the performance right. Our music teacher Kellie worked with every class in the school during the year to teach them a different song and dance.

We often have sausage sizzle to raise money for different charities. We get lollies to go with it! They ask you do you want two or one sausage. I love the sausages and the people who make them have to make more than 600 sausages per activity.

I really like Killara primary school.

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I like Maths

*Guest Post by Thomas*


 I like adding and subtracting numbers and solving equations.  I think adding with three digits is easy!

In my class we get pretend money for doing jobs and for good behaviour.  Sometimes people lose money for bad behaviour.  I like counting my money that I get for cleaning the classroom and other jobs.  When I got into the thousands it was a bit tricky – I needed a calculator!

I also like skip counting, for example counting by 5’s and maths games.  We do maths nearly every day at school. 

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We Need More School Pets!

*Guest Post by Shaila*

I love coming to school at Killara, but I think having class pets in each class would be really cool.

It would help all of the students by :

. Teaching students to look after the animals that live in our country.

. Teach  students responsibility.

. Teach students respect.

. Teach students to share.

The animals that I think would be appropriate for our school are :

PREPS: Bunny Rabbit and Guinea Pig.

                        1\2’S :            Birds\Budgies.

        3\4’S   5\6’S : Reptiles\More lizards and a frog.


Forensic Science Incursion

On Friday April 17th, all 3/4 classes participated in a Forensic Science Incursion as part of our Inquiry into Science.

We were given a crime to solve and had to use our investigative skills to solve the crime. We had the opportunity to use special forensic equipment and learnt about finger printing, DNA, testing poisons and even looked for clues under a UV lamp.

Working together, we solved the crime! We had a wonderful time learning about forensic science. Have a look at our photos below:

What was your highlight from the Incursion?

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It’s Term 2 already!

Welcome back for Term 2 everyone! We have a very busy term ahead. This week we have our school Cross Country as well as an incursion based on our Inquiry for the term “Science.” This Friday we will be taking part in a Forensic Science workshop which will be very interesting! We are really looking forward to it.

Our school is taking part in “Active April,” and so far we have been very active! Well done to all students and families involved. What physical activity have you taken part in this month?

This term we will also be having Guest Bloggers from our classroom! Each week, some students will write a blog post based on what we are currently learning about. I am really looking forward to reading all the student’s posts and having a fantastic term with the students of 3/4F.

Mrs. Barclay 🙂


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